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About Us

Welcome to the new and improved Tennessee Rush website. About Us....

The Tennessee Rush basketball program started in 2009 with two girls teams that were comprised of about 16 players. Through the years, we have continued to grow and have had teams in most every age group of girls each year, and several age groups of boys each year. Our teams have won numerous tournaments, including multiple state championships and a national championship. The high school age groups are focused on competing on different exposure circuits and have been highly competitive at that level. We also have had several players recently sign college scholarships to not only continue their playing career, but also to continue their education. 

Comprised of kids mostly from the Upper Cumberland area, the Tennessee Rush program has consistently found a way to compete with some of the state, and nations, most competitive teams. As we continue, the plan is to continue that growth and help these young athletes become great high school players, college players, but most importantly help them develop relationships and learn lessons through sports that will last them a lifetime. 

If you want more information on the Rush program, please contact Matt Ferrell at 931-510-8835 or 


 Below is a picture of our first tournament championship, back in 2009! This was the beginning of what has proven to be a very successful RUSH team. This 11u (2009) team went 25-11, and at the time of their graduations, they were the most successful Rush team in the history of the program. They set the bar high and through their successes, other Rush teams have now caught and surpassed the marks that these girls originally set. However, this team set the standard many years ago for what this program was going to be built on. We, as a program, owe these now young women a debt of gratitude for helping start something that has turned into something very special to a lot of kids in the Upper Cumberland area. 

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