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Tennessee Rush Basketball


Fees vary because the quality and size of the tournaments that the older groups play in are more expensive and usually more competitive than the tournaments that younger age groups will play in. These fees are for boys and girls teams.




$150 deposit is due at the first practice unless something is otherwise arranged ahead of time. The remaining dues are due by April 1, 2022. Unless something is arranged otherwise with the coach of your team and the program director, the student athlete will not be able to play until their dues are paid or other arrangements are made. 


***All parents are also required to buy their own AAU cards (girls side). The cost for that is $16 and I will include our club # on the top of this form which you need to include when asked on your sign up.  (8th Grade girls downâ??9th grade up will not attend AAU sanctioned events and will focus entirely on exposure basketball)



We are doing everything we can to ensure that we keep the cost AS LOW AS POSSIBLE for all our players. In order to do that, we are working to get sponsors and donations from businesses, etc. If you know a company or business that would like to help a program such as ours, please let me know as soon as possible. Our two tournaments are the fundraisers that keep the program running at a relatively cheap price in relation to all others state wide.   


AAU CLUB CODE: Will send as soon as it processes


**All 3-8th Girls must have an AAU card and it needs to be printed and returned ASAP!!! Coaches can not sign up for the official AAU Events without them. 

**When signing up for your AAU Card, please list our AAU Club Code at the top when it asks you for it. That ensures that it will show up on my official club rosters. 

**Also required is a birth certificate and grade verification form. Those can be found at www. Tngirlsbasketball. Org. 




Schedule is posted tentatively on the website at


Our Tournaments

Tentatively, we are working on hosting a tournament in the Cookeville area the last weekend of April. Assuming that happens, all parents will be expected to work a shift in that tournament. More information will be sent as it becomes finalized. 



Practice times and locations will vary. Cookeville, Carthage, Livingston, etc. We will try to ensure that all practices are in the Cookeville area to ensure that they are in the most central location for all our athletes. However, if at any time that is not possible, we will be practicing in a location outside of those areas. Be prepared to practice two nights per week most weeks. All players are expected to make it to practices unless they have a family emergency or some other important event that makes that difficult. High school teams will only practice ONE NIGHT per week or every other week. It is very important you make sure to be at the one practice per week!



All apparel is listed on the website at www. All apparel is listed on the â??storeâ?? link. EVERYTHING must be paid for prior to ordering. All orders should be paid for ONLINE during the check out process unless something has been previously arranged with Coaches (Talk to me if necessary- 931-510-8835). We are doing this in an effort to make paying for the apparel easier for parents and coaches alike, and to keep us from having to track down kids and collect apparel money. 



We will have a second apparel order for high school age groups and the deadline for that one will be April 1st

Other Sports

We have always tried our best to make sure that our athletes could play multiple sports if they so choose. However, at this time, we must demand a certain level of commitment, including our players attending all practices and games (barring some extraordinary circumstances). In order for us to compete on the highest level, we must have all players at practice and at all games.  




We are always looking for sponsors for our program. The coaches go out and try to get as many as possible up front. However, to ensure that we maintain the LOWEST POSSIBLE COST on the athlete, we also ask for any help that you can give in acquiring sponsors. Please see one of the coaches if you have a sponsor that would be willing to invest in a program that is trying to ensure our student athletes have the best available opportunities to play basketball at the next level. There are various levels of sponsorship and even small amounts add up. EVERY LITTLE BIT HELPS!!


We need sponsors to help with purchases that go above and beyond the cost of what players fees will cover. Extra uniforms, warm up tops, hotel rooms for big tournaments where we may purchase a room for 3-4 kids whose parents can not go for various reasons. ANY BUSINESS sponsor is a bonus. Any additional income is money that goes directly back to the players! 


***MORE SPONSORS NEEDED THIS YEAR since we are not planning to have a second tournament***




By signing this form, I am acknowledging that the Tennessee Rush Basketball program, nor its coaches, directors, sponsors, or affiliates are in any way liable for any death or injury that may occur while participating with Tennessee Rush. I understand that at each practice or game my child could be injured, and I agree that is a risk that I knew of when signing this form. 



By signing below, I agree to the above terms and conditions. I am agreeing to ensure that my student athlete, if chosen, will be at all events and practices, as well as have my dues in on time. I also commit to help the program in any way, including both fundraising and helping find sponsors if I can. I also agree that this program is for the student athletes and agree to maintain a positive behavior and attitude as it will reflect either positively or negatively on me, my student athlete, the coaches, and the entire Tennessee Rush program. 

(8th grade and up)- By signing below, I realize that my child will be competing in competitive travel basketball, including exposure events in order to give them the best opportunity to play basketball at the next level if they so choose. 

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