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2024 Rush Rosters

3rd Grade- Coaches BJ and Misti Upchurch

Anslee Upchurch

Kinlee Young

Elizabeth Gentry

Katherine Swann

Mattee Ferrell

Ainsley Washer

Isla Sullivan

Karsen Kerley

Piper Mullins

Avery Ferrell

Haddie Cobble

4th Grade- Coaches Kathy Carr and Chelsea Tucker

Saydee Ferrell

Paulina Gago

Ava Tucker

Ella Gibbs

Tenley Swafford

Abby Hayes

Hudson Ford

Millie Pryor

Addilyn White

Gracie Spriggs

Kennadie Hensley

5th Grade- Coaches Matt Ferrell and Layne Bussell

Hadley Hatch

Caylee West

Emma Overstreet

Charlee Powell

Eva Dickerson

McKenzie Ferrell

Londyn Crouch

Brylee Wyatt

Hattie Rogers

Avaree Ashburn

6th Grade- Coach Beau Carr

Ziley Chilton

Nora Davis

Waverly Guffey

Gracie Griffin

Lana Alvis

Audrey Goodman

Amelia Williams

Avery Myers

Kourtlyn White

Alexis Smith

Reagan Atchley

7th Grade- Coach Layne Bussell

Bella Butler

Brooklyn Holman

Abby Grissom

Emma Miller

Mattie West

Maci Cook

Reagan Pugh

Kylee Upchurch

Aspen Hayes

8th Grade- Coach Matt Ferrell

Addy Rogers

Jordyn Agee

Lierra Baines

Bailey Davis

Makenna White

Sophie Desimone

Liv Futrell

Kacie Wright

Carlie Kileen

Camille Barton

9th Grade- Coach Eddie Helton

Emry Jones

Dacey Claywell

Sarah Thompson

Catie Belle McCarter

Hailey Overstreet

Landry LaPointe

Taegan Angell

Addi Maberry

Rhaleigh Cloyd

Mia Way

10th Grade- Coach Layne Bussell

Ashlyn Selby

Emma Pile

Jaylynn Meadows

Sophie Sitton

Reese Martin

Cara Mills

Gracie Butler

Maggie Butler

Allie Melton

11th Grade- Coach Josh Agee

Carlee Yokley

Avery Agee

Payton Manis

Chloe Rogers

Chloe Collins

Chloe Powell

Kaci Flanigan

Kendall McCloud 

Karly Ramsey

Kellie King

Lillie McCarter

Ciara Nash

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